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HUNT FLIX and hunt-flix.com are part of the BIG GAME SAFARI FILMS group. BIG GAME SAFARI FILMS is the umbrella company for about 50 hunting related internet domains dedicated to big game hunting and related topics. We are hunters, outdoorsmen, and marksmen dedicated to the outdoor life, conservation, the protection of species, habitat, and the environment. We enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, and hunting when we can get away.

Hunting Cabin - Big Game Hunting CampWe have been a big game hunting family for many generations, arriving in America in 1660 when hunting was a way of life. We have all been exposed to big game hunting, fishing, and camping from an early age, and have a deep respect and love of the outdoors. Members of our family have been hunters both for sport, and to provide sustenance for their families. It was not uncommon for our relatives to have venison, rabbit, squirrel, duck, or dove, at the dinner table, and some of our relatives hold world records for big game trophy animals.

SharpShooter BadgeMy initial hunting experience was for game fowl in Louisiana, but I also enjoy big game hunting and predator hunting. I tend to favor spot and stalk types of big game hunting over blind hunting. I was rated as sharpshooter while in the military, and pride myself on my ability with rifle or bow. I am an ardent supporter of the right to hunt and the desirability of conservation of both endangered species and habitat so that big game hunting may be protected for future generations.

Big Game Hunting in New MexicoMy father hunted wild game in the Guadalupe Mountains of eastern New Mexico as a boy and taught me an appreciation for wildlife and the natural world which I have passed down to my children. Over the years we have lived and hunted in Colorado, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Northern California where we had access to some of the most beautiful and pristine natural areas in the United States. All of our family members have spent a good portion of their youth camping, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors.

My Wife's Big Game Hunting DadMy wife also grew up in a big game hunting family, but of a different sort. Her father has been a trophy hunter for over 30 years and holds records for two Roland Ward big game animals. She has been a part of the hunting tradition since birth and also enjoys the outdoors. She is a paralegal for a telecommunications firm in Dallas, Texas and assists with biggamesafarifilms.com legal matters.

Big Game Hunter to be - First RamMy son is 18 and has been a hunter since the age of 9 when he took a Ram on his first big game hunt in South Texas. Since that time he has been on many hunting trips and has participated in many other outdoor experiences. He has worked his way through the scouting program and has completed his service project for his Eagle Scout rank. His service project was to build a drinking pond for a leopard habitat at In Sync Exotics big cat rescue program. He has participated in the South Texas Buckskin Brigade wildlife course, and is interested in wildlife management as a career. He is currently working for a nationwide theater chain and assists with updates to the biggamesafarifilms.com web site as well as many other hunting related web sites.

Canoes on the Rio Grande

My two daughters have both participated in Girl Scouts and have been on many nature hikes, campouts, and wildlife viewing excursions. It was my oldest daughter's love of animals that led her to undertake an apprenticeship at Disney World's Animal Kingdom. My youngest daughter has enjoyed kayaking with her troop while camping in the wilderness areas of Texas, and intends to take her gun safety course this year so that she may obtain a hunting license prior to next deer season.

Previously our family has been involved in other online hunting related businesses and we are excited about offering hunters everywhere high quality big game hunting films at prices anyone can afford. Here is a partial list of the domains that we manage:
africahuntingdvds.com  discounthuntingdvds.com  OUTBOUNDOUTFITTERS.COM
africansafaridvds.com  discounthuntingvideos.com  safari-films.com
africansafarifilms.com  GREATOUTDOOROUTFITTERS.COM  thespiritofafrica.com 
biggame-africa.com  half-pricehuntingdvds.com  thespiritofthewild.com 
biggame-asia.com  half-pricehuntingvideos.com  worldwidesafarifilms.com
biggame-europe.com  hunt-flix.com   
biggame-northamerica.com  huntersboutique.com  
biggamehuntingdvds.com  hunting-africa.com  
biggamesafaridvds.com  hunting-northamerica.com  
biggamesafarifilms.com  huntingadventuresworldwide.com  


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